The Relationship Of The Talking Stick Learning Method With The Students Learning Activity


  • silviya nur azizah universitas hasyim asy'ari
  • Muhammad Nuruddin universitas hasyim asy'ari



Talking Stick, keaaktifan belajar


This study aims to determine the relationship between the talking stick learning method and the active learning of students in grade IV SDN Tejo 1 Mojoagung. This research is applied to class IV in mathematics subjects, especially the subject matter of building flat squares, rectangles and triangles. This study uses a type of quantitative research on correlation or looking for the level of relationship between two variables, the subject used by the researcher is the entire sample in grade IV students. The sample used was 24 students, consisting of 11 men and 13 women. The data collection method is carried out using questionnaires for student responses and the relationship between the Talking Stick method and student learning activity, observation to find out student learning activity and documentation. The data collection instrument uses observation and questionnaire, after collecting data on the sample. The next step is to analyze the data obtained using descriptive statistics and inferential statistics. after the data is said to be valid the results are calculated using the help of SPSS for windows 22.0. hypothesis test using the two-mean difference test with r table. This test is affected by two variances. The results of the study were students' responses to the application of the Talking Stick learning method with the active learning of students in grade IV SDN 1 Mojoagung, namely in the very good category where there were 24 students, range 14, minimum score 86, maximum value 100, average or mean 98.33, sum 2360, standard deviation 4,280. observations between researchers and students about student learning activity before the method is applied with after there is a difference students look more active and comfortable with the talking stick learning method. The result of the correlation between variables X and Y with categories is very strong where the rxy value is 0.998 obtained from the questionnaire of the relationship between the two variables.


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nur azizah, silviya, & Nuruddin, M. (2023). The Relationship Of The Talking Stick Learning Method With The Students Learning Activity. IJPSE Indonesian Journal of Primary Science Education, 4(1), 97–103.