Focus and Scope

Menara Tebuireng (Journal of Islamic Studies) is a scientific publication that efforts to facilitate academic articles and scholarly writings of a number studies in empirical research in the field of Islamic Studies. Menara Tebuireng is open to academics, students, researchers, and practitioners who are interested in contributing their thoughts, especially in the field of Islamic Studies.

The main focus of Menara Tebuireng journal is on the exploration of Islamic law, dynamics propagation in Islamic proselytizing, studies of social science, Islamic Education, and the development of contemporary Islamic knowledge in theoretical realm as well as practical one, especially the scope of local, national, and global.

Sub themes and scope in the scientific publications of Menara Tebuireng include:

1. Da'wa and Islamic propagation:
    a. Studies in the science of da'wa, such as history of da'wa, philosophy of da'wa, and methodology of da'wa,          include in culturally, economically, and politically.
    b. Management of da'wa that related to make a plan and strategy for Islamic proselytizing, Islamic global                 tourism, and Islamic management and religious tourism.
    c. Da'wa, especially in the analysis of social and psychological, Islamic counseling, and the relationship                      between da'wa and socio-cultural studies.

2. Social science:
     a. Studies in social science in general, social theory, and approaches.
     b. Social Media
     c. Community Development