Reaktom : Rekayasa Keteknikan dan Optimasi 2019-06-30T08:20:51+00:00 Abdiyah Amudi Open Journal Systems Reaktom : Rekayasa Keteknikan dan Optimasi ANALISIS PENINGKATAN KUALITAS PEMOTONGAN AYAM DENGAN MENGGUNAKAN METODE SIX SIGMA DI PT.GEMILANG INTI SUKSES 2019-06-30T07:24:13+00:00 Ahmad Sukron Sumarsono Tri Rijanto <p>Quality improvement activities can help companies maintain and improve the quality of their products by<br>making improvements to the level of being broken product to zero damage. PT. Gemilang Inti Sukses is a<br>Profit-oriented Chicken Porong Home Industry engaged in the agribusiness sector, in the process of cutting<br>chickens there are several obstacles that can affect the level of quality of chicken slaughtered products,<br>Therefore this study aims to determine the quality problems of chicken slaughter and increase the results<br>product quality at PT. Gemilang Inti Sukses. The method that will be used in this research is the Six Sigma<br>method on the DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control) concept. The results showed that of<br>the 20 days sample that was 6,540 tails, it was found that the number of slaughtered chickens was 2,230<br>chickens with the details of bruised chicken heads, broken chicken wings, bruised chicken body parts, less<br>clean feather extraction, and internal taking. not clean enough. While the company's performance<br>measurement is at Sigma 3.85 level with a 9.292 DMPO value, which means that in 1 million pieces of<br>chicken there are 9,292 chickens that are deformed. From the Pareto diagram, it is known that 80% of the<br>defects are broken chicken wings and bruised chicken parts. Then from the cause and effect diagram it is<br>known that human resource factors are the main cause of broken chicken wing flaws and bruised chicken<br>body parts, therefore from the results of this study the company needs to improve quality with more<br>discipline towards human resource operational standards and conduct supervision and evaluation of<br>employee performance.</p> <p>Keywords: Pareto, Quality Improvement, Cause and Effect, Six Sigma-DMAIC.</p> 2019-06-30T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) ANALISIS DAMPAK LALU LINTAS AKIBAT PEMBANGUNAN WISATA ALAM DESA MEDOWO KECAMATAN KANDANGAN KEDIRI 2019-06-30T07:32:05+00:00 Maulida Nurunnafissa Tri Rijanto Abdiyah Amudi <p>Medowo village is one of the villages in Kandangan Districts residing in hilly area. Geographical<br>circumstances make the Medowo Village has a variety of picturesque hills land and fertile. Some of which are<br>nature tourism, nature tourism Gandrung Hill, Plengsengan Refreshing Hill (PRH), and Waterfall Sumber Jodo.<br>The existence of the tourism traffic flow increasing at rush-hour. Lack of supporting facilities infrastructure<br>around natural tourism makes the reduced comfort felt by road users.<br>To find out the impact of traffic on the roads of the third, then conducted the research along with traffic<br>performance analysis using the method of MKJI 1997 and the Balanced Scorecard SWOT analysis. From the<br>results of the calculation of the performance of the traffic road of in the third obtained the results of A road level<br>of service or Level Of Service (LOS) worth 0.02 - 0.03 impact analysis using SWOT and Balanced Scorecard<br>refers to the four (4) criteria i.e. strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. <br>Keywords: Impact of traffic, Tourism nature, Capacity, Service levels</p> 2019-06-30T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) RANCANG BANGUN LAS (OAW) OXY ACETYLIN WELDING BERBAHAN BAKAR GAS ACETYLIN UNTUK MENINGKATKAN MINAT BELAJAR MAHASISWA TEKNIK MESIN UNIVERSITAS HASYIM ASY`ARI 2019-06-30T07:40:59+00:00 Ali Hasbi R Eka P.S Basuki Fajar Satriya H <p>This research is an experimental study, in which the researcher designed the design, then formed into a<br>prototype weld oxy Acetylin that will be used in the practice of welding practicum. The research subject is a<br>mechanical engineering student of 2015 as many as 19 students.<br>The results of the research showed that the building of the design of welding (OAW) Oxy Acetylin Welding<br>fueled Acetylin Gas works well and can increase the learning interest of mechanical engineering students on<br>welding courses at the University of Hasyim Asy'ari Tebuireng Jombang, this can be seen from several<br>indicators of interest that become judgment. The liking indicator shows a value of 77.63%, expressed interest in<br>the liking indicators including the high category. For interest indicators obtained 75.00% value. expressed<br>interest in interest indicators including high category. While the analysis results for the focusing indicator is<br>81.58%. This expressed interest in the focused indicator including the very high category. For the active<br>indicators students obtained a value of 66.78%. This expressed interest in the student's active indicators<br>including high category. Then the confidence indicator values of 80.53%. This expresses interest in the<br>confidence indicator including the high category. <br><br>Keywords: students, welding processes, welding acetylin, learning interests</p> 2019-06-30T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) RANCANG BANGUN MESIN IMPAK CHARPY DAN KESAN PERTAMANYA TEHADAP MINAT BELAJAR MAHASISWA PADA MATAKULIAH ILMU BAHAN 2019-06-30T07:47:13+00:00 Mohammad Munib Rosadi Basuki Agung Samudra Ali Hasbi Ramadani <p>The need for measuring the mechanical properties of material in the Material Science course makes the<br>charpy impact machine to be immediately presented to be a supporting tool as well as a reference for<br>students in carrying out impact testing. The purpose of this study was to find out how to design and create<br>a charpy impact machine, find out how to work and analyze performance based on the impact energy<br>received by the specimen and find out the impact on student learning interest in the Materials Science<br>course. This research is a design research that ultimately produces a product. The performance of the tool<br>uses ten steel specimens with dimensions of 10mm x 10 mm x 55 mm indicating an average impact price<br>of 1,509601 J / mm2. The measurement results of the learning interest questionnaire showed an indicator<br>of student interest in the presence of the charpy impact testing machine in the materials science course at<br>73.68%.<br>.<br>Keywords: design, impact, charpy, learning interest</p> 2019-06-30T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) APLIKASI FUZZY DALAM OPTIMALISASI TRAFFIC LIGHT PERSIMPANGAN JUANDA 2019-06-30T08:05:39+00:00 Rahma Ramadhani Imamatul Ummah Abdiyah Amudi Nanndo Yannuansa <p>Traffic Jam is a problem that often occurs in transportation problems. Juanda Junction is one of the<br>intersections that often experience traffic jam. The causes of traffic jam arise from many things, including<br>the presence of side barriers, the absence of markers so that the traffic light that works is not optimal.<br>Based on the results of the initial survey, it was found that the duration of the green light in each pendeka<br>was not adjusted for how many cars and motorcycles were passing. North approacher where most cars and<br>motorbikes are passing but get fewer duration of green lights than other approaches. This shows less<br>optimal traffic light settings. The use of fuzzy method is expected to make traffic light settings more<br>optimal because the old green light produced is more flexible in accordance with many cars and<br>motorcycles that pass through an approach. The results of the study were obtained for vehicles passing<br>through the northern approacher as many as 26 cars and 177/cycle obtained manually by the green light for<br>43 seconds and with fuzzy 45 seconds. Western approacher with many vehicles passing by 25 cars and<br>170/cycle motorbikes received a 51-second manual green light and fuzzy 42 seconds. As well as for the<br>east approacher with many vehicles passing 24 cars and 168 motorcycles/cycle get the green light<br>manually 53 seconds and with fuzzy 42 seconds. <br><br>Key Words: Fuzzy, Junction, Traffic Light</p> 2019-06-30T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) HUBUNGAN MINAT BELAJAR, KECERDASAN EMOSIONAL DAN NILAI UAS ALAT UKUR TERHADAP HASIL BELAJAR SISWA SMK DI JOMBANG 2019-06-30T08:09:30+00:00 Agung Samudra <p>The aim of this study was to determine the relationship Learning Interest, Emotional Intelligence and Final<br>Exam Scores Measuring Devices Competency Standard Describes the Processesing of Energy Conversion<br>Engineering Against the Students’ Learning Outcomes of SMK in Jombang.<br>This study used quantitative descriptive approach. This research was a correlation study. The method used<br>for data retrieval is using questionnaires and tests. The questionnaire used to determine students' interests<br>and emotional intelligence. While the test, used to determine student learning outcomes, and documentation<br>to determine the Final exam scores measuring devices of students.<br>Based on the results of data analysis with significance level of 5%, it can be concluded: (1) There is a<br>significant positive relationship between learning interest with the students’ learning outcomes of SMK in<br>Jombang. Learning interest affect student learning outcomes by 21.7%. (2) There is a significant positive<br>relationship between emotional intelligence with the students’ learning outcomes of SMK in Jombang.<br>Emotional intelligence affect student learning outcomes of 25.9%. (3) There is a significant positive<br>relationship between the final exam scores measuring devices with the students’ learning outcomes of SMK<br>in Jombang. Final exam scores measuring devices affect student learning outcomes by 23.2%. (4) There is a<br>significant positive relationship between learning interest , emotional intelligence and final exam scores<br>measuring devices together with the students’ learning outcomes of SMK in Jombang. Learning interest,<br>emotional intelligence and value UAS measuring instrument together affect student learning outcomes<br>amounted to 34.0%.</p> <p>Keywords: learning interest, emotional intelligence, final exam scores measuring devices, learning<br>outcomes</p> 2019-06-30T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) PENGENDALIAN PERALATAN RUMAH TANGGA MENGGUNAKAN ARDUINO UNO BERBASIS BLUETOOTH 2019-06-30T08:15:27+00:00 Ahmad Fauzi Tri Rijanto Humaidillah Kurniadi Wardana <p>With increasing preoccupation of mankind it takes a smart home system innovation which is the <br>concept of home automation control device comprising of a smartphone. Smart home system aims to<br>facilitate the work of humans in controlling household appliances using a smartphone. <br>The research method used is the method of measurement of the distance to reach. On the sensor Light<br>Dependent Resistor (LDR) and method of reading the average light intensity on the morning and afternoon.<br>A method of Passive Infrared sensor on Receaver (PIR) by detecting the distance sensitivity of human<br>movement response. <br>The results showed the distance which can be reached by a hc-05untuk bluetooth to control the lights<br>and the fan as far as 75 metres to condition without hindrance, while sensors LDR with an average 20.5 lux<br>in the morning while in the evening with an average 19.5 lux, sensor PIR respond to human movement as<br>far as 7 meters. <br><br>Keywords: Bluetooth hc-05, Smart home, Sensor Light Dependent Resistor (LDR), Infrared Sensor <br>Receaver (PIR)</p> 2019-06-30T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) RANCANG BANGUN ALAT UJI EMISI EKONOMIS MENGGUNAKAN SENSOR GAS MQ2 DAN MQ9 BERBASIS ARDUINO 2019-06-30T08:20:11+00:00 Mohamad Adzina Mukhlasin Nur Kholis Retno Eka Pramitasari <p>Exhaust emissions generated by motor vehicles are increasing as the number of motor vehicles<br>increases. Carbon monoxide (CO) and Hydro Carbon (HC) is harmful substance contained in exhaust<br>emissions. This study aims to make emission test (prototype) to measure CO and HC levels on exhaust<br>emissions. This type of research is an experimental research with the waterfall model design method.<br>Arduino-based emission test (prototype) with working system of CO and HC concentration on emission<br>will be read by MQ2 and MQ9 sensor connected with Arduino and displayed on lcd screen in digital<br>number using C language program. Further data on the prototype is taken and compared with the data<br>on the gas analyzer using the T Test method. The results of testing the CO and HC levels on emission<br>test equipment (prototype) with the results of testing using a gas analyzer still showed a significant<br>difference with the significance value of CO level readings of 0.319 and HC levels of 0.896.</p> <p>Keywords: exhaust emissions, MQ2, MQ9, Arduino</p> 2019-06-30T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c)