Inovate : Jurnal Ilmiah Inovasi Teknologi Informasi Inovate : Jurnal Ilmiah Inovasi Teknologi Informasi Fakultas Teknologi Informasi Universitas Hasyim Asy'ari Lembaga Penelitian dan Pengabdian Masyarakat (LPPM) Universitas Hasyim Asy'ari (Unhasy) en-US Inovate : Jurnal Ilmiah Inovasi Teknologi Informasi 2548-7795 Evaluasi Penggunaan Google Classroom Dengan Metode End User Computing Satisfaction (EUCS) <p><em>In this study, an evaluation was carried out on the LMS Google Classroom which has been used as an online learning medium, especially at the Faculty of Information Technology, Hasyim Asy'ari University during Covid-19. The impact of the covid-19 pandemic has led to online learning activities. This aims to keep the learning process running even during the Covid-19 pandemic. The evaluation used in the Google Classroom LMS uses the EUCS method which has five dimensions in its measurement including Content, Accuracy, Format, Ease of Use, and Timelines. The results of this study were obtained from data analysis on evaluating the use of the Google Classroom LMS using the EUCS method, which was 82.79%, with the assessment criteria being "Good".</em></p> <p><strong><em>K</em></strong><strong><em>e</em></strong><strong><em>ywords:</em></strong><strong>&nbsp;</strong><em>Learning, Google Classroom, Evaluation, EUCS.</em></p> Muhammad Fatkhur Rizal Ahmad Heru Mujianto Ginanjar Setyo Permadi Copyright (c) 2022-09-19 2022-09-19 7 1 1 8 Penerapan Metode Saw (Simple Additive Weighting) Untuk Penilaian Peserta Lomba Da’i Di Pondok Putra Pesantren Tebuireng Berbasis Website <p><em>Structured assessment is a way that can be done to help the committee or the jury so that it is not wrong in assessing all participants of the Da'i competition in Pondok Putra Tebuireng Islamic Boarding School. Structured assessment can result in final scores that are very fair and accurate, so this race is a very fair and quality race. The purpose of this study is to assess the Da'i race participants fairly and accurately, so that the seeds of students who are superior in terms of da'wah are found. There are several criteria used for this assessment, namely the criteria of Rhetoric, Smoothness, Theme, Adab, and Age. The method used in this research is&nbsp; SAW (Simmpel Additive Weighting),&nbsp; that is, it is the existing method of Decision Support System. This method is a method with weighted addition terms. The basic concept of the SAW method that is, all attributes must find the weighted addition of the rating performance of each alternative The SAW method requires a normalization proces from the matrix&nbsp; decision&nbsp; (X) to a scale that can be stackup with each available rating. This research produces a website-based system, so that all users can access. The SPKKUDAIRENG system can be used to assess Da'i contestants at Pondok Putra Tebuireng Islamic Boarding School according to the rules formed by the SAW calculation process.&nbsp; </em></p> <p><em>&nbsp;</em><strong><em>Keywords: Simpple Additive Weighting, Da'i, Tebuireng, Website, Decision Support System</em></strong></p> Mu’ammar Asaduddin Achmad Imam Agung Indana Lazulfa Copyright (c) 2022-09-19 2022-09-19 7 1 9 16 Rekayasa Sistem Pendukung Keputusan Dengan Algoritma ID3 Dalam Penentuan Jurusan Akademik (Studi Kasus : SMA Negeri 3 Ngajuk) <p><em>Designation is the process of selecting and determining the interest of students in the subject area or skill competency offered by the education unit. The majors process at SMA Negeri 3 Nganjuk begins when the student has been accepted by the school, after which the student takes a major test. In the majors at SMA Negeri 3 </em>Nganjuk<em>, the majors process still uses Microsoft Excel so it takes a long time for majoring students. Because of that, we need a system that can process students effectively and efficiently. </em><em>The ID3 algorithm is widely used to solve various majors problems. The solution in the ID3 algorithm is based on mathematical calculations that determine the entropy and gain values ​​used in the formation of a decision tree. The ID3 algorithm produces a decision tree that is good enough to be used in majors because this algorithm can solve multi-criteria and multi-objective problems. </em><em>The results of this study indicate that the manual calculation needs to be shortened in the calculation of the program so that it can </em>produce<em> a majors flow. If it is not shortened it will result in an error in the program. The results of calculating 100 sample data in the first result produce a total entropy of 0.8813, in the second calculation it produces a total entropy of 0.9403, in the third calculation it produces a total entropy of 0.9367. After that a rule is formed which is used as a benchmark for student majors. The final result of the majors shows that the students' scores resulted in more students entering the social studies department than the Mathematics and Natural Sciences majors.</em></p> <p><strong><em>Keywords: Pointing, Value, ID3 Algorithm</em></strong></p> Rinto Prasetiyo Bambang Sujatmiko Mahrus Ali Copyright (c) 2022-09-19 2022-09-19 7 1 17 23 MENERAPKAN METODE WEIGHTED PRODUCT (WP) DALAM MENETUKAN SISWA BERPRESTASI (Study Kasus SMK Tarbiyatunnasyiin) <p>Tarbiyatunnasiin Vocational School annually holds the selection of high-achieving student scholarship programs, namely students who have achieved high performance in accordance with specified criteria. There are several criteria that are assessed in the selection of high achieving students namely, Mathematics, B.Indonesian, B. English, ICT, religion, discipline, neatness. The purpose of this study is to design a decision support system for Tarbiyatunasiin Vocational School and for the implementation of a decision support system using the Weighted Product (WP) method as a method for selecting high achieving students. WP is one of the methods used in making a decision support system. The results of this study are the decision support system for the selection of outstanding students with several menu options to make it easier for administrators to operate and be able to manage data based on criteria in the process of assessing outstanding students, and the accuracy of valid data in the application of the selection system for SMK Tarbiyatunnasiin Islamic Boarding School students Weighted Product (WP) method is 99.87%.</p> <p><strong>Keywords: Students Achivement, Information systems, WP, Action Research, Website</strong></p> Saiful Bahri Achmad Imam Agung Hadi Sucipto Copyright (c) 2022-09-19 2022-09-19 7 1 24 32 Aplikasi Pengoreksian Kesalahan Bahasa Indonesia Menggunakan Metode Jaro Winkler Distance Dan Levenshtein Distance Berbasis Web <p>Writing errors in typing documents very often occur in writing articles, scientific journals, lectures or final assignments. Typing errors cannot be avoided. There are several factors, including the location of the letters close to each other on the keyboard, errors in the corrections made by the word processor, accidental errors such as slip of a finger. For this reason, an application for error categorization in Indonesian was made to make it easier to check documents. The purpose of this study is to design a correction system using the Jaro Winkler Distance and Levenshtein Distance methods. The Jaro winkler distance algorithm is basically a method that compares the similarity of the constituent characters of two strings and the Levenshtein Distance algorithm is a string metric to measure the difference between two sequences. The results of this research are in the form of typing error correction web where the user can correct .doc / .docx formatted documents.</p> <p><strong>Key words</strong> : jaro winkler distance, levenshtein distance.</p> Sandra Nurva Agustin Iftitaahul Mufarrihah Dedy Rahman Prehanto Copyright (c) 2022-09-19 2022-09-19 7 1 33 40 Implementasi Algoritma Apriori Untuk Menentukan Strategi Pemasaran <p><em>Store X is retail that provide a variety of toys for girls and boys. Every day the sales transaction data Store X will definitely increase and accumulate. So that data does not accumulate it is good can be used to know the habits of the buyer or of buyer behavior of goods purchased. How to search the goods sold simultaneously can use the data mining methods, which is a technique to analyze large-sized data by finding relationships among the data or the search combination and rule. The search for a combination is done with the process of merging (join) and pruning (prune) items called apriori algorithm. This research resulted in a website-based system by testing data sales transactions as many as 30 data a memorandum of the transaction with a minimum support of 35% and minimum confidence of 75%. So as to form one rule, namely, if buy a Meja Belajar K then will buy a Kreatif Block Tas with the value of the support 36.67% and the value of the confidence 78.57%.</em></p> <p><em><strong>Keywords : Association, Apriori Algorithm, The Transaction Data, Sales</strong></em></p> Tiara Bilqis Ismail Putri Bambang Sujatmiko Anita Andriani Copyright (c) 2022-09-19 2022-09-19 7 1 41 48 Penerapan Metode Simple Additive Weighting (SAW) Untuk Ketepatan Pemilihan Topik Skripsi Mahasiswa Program Studi Teknik Informatika UNHASY <p><em>Graduating on time is the desire of all students, to achieve graduation, students must work on a thesis as a requirement for graduation at higher education in order to obtain a bachelor's degree in accordance with their scientific field. In taking thesis, there are often students who are confused about choosing the thesis topic to take. To overcome this problem, this research was taken as a solution that utilizes computer technology and uses the Simple Additive Weighting (SAW) method as a decision support system for the accuracy of selecting thesis topics in the Informatics Engineering Study Program at the Hasyim Asy'ari Tebuireng University, Jombang. From the application system, the accuracy of selecting the thesis topic is that the user must first see the student grade data from semester one to semester six and the results of the interest questionnaire that has been made, after it is known that it will be processed with an application system that uses the SAW method as decision making, in the calculation process of In this system, the final result is an alternative </em><em>Web services for e-Business</em><em> (A1) with a value of 0.99, and the results obtained from application testing using 30 samples of student data obtained an average percentage of accuracy of the accuracy of the results of 75% of the student thesis topic selection.</em></p> <p><strong><em>K</em></strong><strong><em>e</em></strong><strong><em>ywords:</em></strong><strong>&nbsp;</strong><em>SAW, Decision Support System, Thesis Topics.</em></p> M. Zakiya Waliyulloh Achmad Imam Agung Terdy Kistofer Copyright (c) 2022-09-19 2022-09-19 7 1 49 56