Muhammad Luqman Hakim Abbas


Misconception of the students will affect their subsequent understanding, where
the misconceptions to a material will make the students get difficulties in studying the next
material. The purpose of this research is to develop the instrument three-tier diagnostic to the
misconception of temperature and heat concept. This study used Borg and Gall model of
research and development design that has been modified, including the preliminary study, the
draft design of products, the development of product draft and product trial. The study was
conducted in SMAN Ngoro. The instruments used were validator questionnaire, limited trial,
and effectiveness test. The research data included quantitative data in the form of validator
assessment, students’ responses, and pretest-posttest, as well as qualitative data in the form of
comments and suggestions given from the validator and the students. Quantitative data were
analyzed using averaging technique while the pretest-posttest data were analyzed by t-test and
Mann-whitney. The results of developing the instrument three tier diagnostic consisted of three
series of multilevel exercise, those were general multiple choice questions, selection of reasons
enclosed the answer conviction. The result of quantitative data analysis in the form of validation
and limited testing showed that the product is good and decent. The result of statistical test
concluded that the product is effective to determine the characteristics of misconceptions that
often occurs on the concept of temperature and heat.
Keywords: three tier diagnostic test, temperature and heat.


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