• Ubabuddin Institut Agama Islam Sultan Muhammad Syafiuddin Sambas


Supervision generally refers to efforts to improve the situation in the teaching and learning
process. Because the main aspect is the teacher, the service and professional activities must be
directed towards efforts to improve the ability of teachers to manage teaching and learning
activities. Supervision is the effort of school stakeholders to lead teachers and other education
personnel, to improve teaching including stimulating, selecting growth and development of
teacher positions, selecting and revising educational goals, teaching materials, and teaching
methods and teaching evaluation. Supervision in schools is carried out by the principal who acts
as a supervisor, so he must be able to carry out various supervision and controls to improve
teacher performance. In supervising, a supervisor should pay attention to important things,
namely: (1) The process of supervision/supervision covers two things, namely setting standards
for the implementation of work and measuring the results/implementation of work, (2)
information and supervision, including: ( a) supervision as an information system, (b) types of
monitoring information, (c) system approach in supervision. (3) effective supervision is based
on effective management information systems, (4) program evaluation, namely making
judgements according to an agreed and accountable set of criteria, (5) the principles of
supervision with a partnership atmosphere, practical, systematic, objective, realistic, helpful,
creative, anticipatory, constructive, and cooperative, (6) supervision targets can be concerning
activities or aspects supervised and those who do them.
Keywords: Learning Supervision, Performance, Teacher