Al Ta'dib : Jurnal Ilmu Pendidikan <span>Al Ta'dib : Jurnal Ilmu Pendidikan</span> en-US (IGL Putra Eka Prismana) (IGL Putra Eka Prismana) Tue, 09 Apr 2019 00:00:00 +0000 OJS 60 KONSTRUKSI VERBA GANDA DALAM WACANA NARASI BAHASA ARAB <p>Abstrak: Penelitian ini adalah penelitian kualitatif berjenis studi pustaka. Peneliti <br>mendeskripsikan tentang telaah morfologis dan sintaksis pada verba ganda dalam wacana<br>narasi bahasa Arab. Adapun rumusan masalah dalam penelitian ini adalah untuk<br>mendeskripsikan verba bagaimana yang bisa muncul pada V1 dan V2 dalam struktur<br>verba ganda dalam wacana narasi bahasa Arab dan manfaat yang ingin dicapai adalah<br>mengetahui pola deretan verba pada bahasa Arab dan makna yang terkandung dalam<br>pola tersebut. Adapun hasil penelitian ini, pertama, verba desideratif yang berkedudukan<br>sebagai V1 dalam kontruksi kalimat bahasa Arab akan selalu berdistribusi dengan Verba<br>Transitif, Verba intransitif, Verba Aktif Tindakan dan verba posesif pencapaian yang<br>berkedudukan sebagai V2. Kedua, Verba Represif yang berkududukan sebagai V1<br>dalam teks narasi berbahasa arab akan selalu berdistribusi dengan Verba Transitif dan<br>Verba Intransitif yang berkedudukan sebagai V2. Ketiga, Verba Statif yang<br>berkedudukan sebagai V1 pada deretan verba ganda selalu berdistribusi dengan Verba<br>Transitif, intransitif dan verba proses pencapaian yang berkedudukan sebagai V2.</p> <p>Kata Kunci: verba ganda, wacana narasi, deretan verba</p> Akhmad Sauqi Ahya’, Lailatul Qomariyah Copyright (c) Tue, 09 Apr 2019 00:00:00 +0000 PENDIDIKAN MULTIKULTURAL DAN PENANAMAN NILAI-NILAI MODERASI ISLAM DI KALANGAN AHLUSSUNNAH WA AL JAMA’AH <p>Abstract: This article intends to examine multicultural education and the cultivation of<br>moderating values among the Ahlus Sunnah wa al Jama'ah. Through literature studies are<br>produced First, the nature of multicultural education is: An array of beliefs and<br>explanations to recognize and assess the importance of cultural and ethnic diversity in the<br>form of lifestyles, social experiences, personal identities, and educational opportunities of<br>individuals and groups, with the primary goal of change the structure of educational<br>institutions so that students, both students who are members of groups, races, ethnicities,<br>and diverse cultures can have equal opportunities in getting treatment and appreciation.<br>Second, the moderating values of Islam as contained in the Medina charter: The attitude<br>of an egalitarian society, mutual respect, openness, law enforcement and justice,<br>tolerance, deliberation and dialogue. and mutual understanding as in Q.S. al-Hujurat: 13,<br>inclusive attitude in social interaction as in Q.S. al Mumtahanah: 8-9, open attitude and<br>spaciousness as shown by the Prophet SAW when greeting Najran's Christian messenger.<br>Third: multicultural education and the planting of moderating values of Islam among the<br>ahlus sunnah wa al-jama'ah are manifestations in the real form of the principles of<br>ahlussunnah wa al-jama'ah (aswaja) in the form of: Tasawuth, Tawazun, Ta ' adul, and<br>tasamuh.<br><br>Keywords: Multicultural Education, Moderating Values of Islam, and Ahlussunah <br>Wa al Jama'ah</p> Burhanuddin Ridlwan Copyright (c) Tue, 09 Apr 2019 00:00:00 +0000 IMPLEMENTASI SEKOLAH RAMAH ANAK (SRA) DALAM MENCEGAH TINDAK KEKERASAN TERHADAP ANAK (STUDI KASUS DI MIN 3 JOMBANG) <p>Abstract: This study aims at explaining the implementation of Child Friendly School (CFS)<br>programs at MIN 3 Jombang. This study uses qualitative descriptive research. The subjects are<br>the principal, teachers, students, and parents of students with the object of the study covering the<br>implementation of the Child Friendly School Program at MIN 3 Jombang. Methods of collecting<br>data in the form of observation, interviews, documentation. Data reduction, data presentation,<br>verification/conclusion drawing are used to analyze data. The results shows: (1) Communication,<br>the dissemination of Child Friendly School Programs to all stakeholders; (2) Human resources<br>and infrastructure facilities that support the implementation of Child Friendly School Programs<br>and financial resources that take from BOS funds; (3) Disposition, the existence of a positive<br>attitude and the commitment to continue implementing the Child Friendly School Program at<br>MIN 3 Jombang; (4) Bureaucratic structure, organizational structure of Child Friendly School<br>Programs adapted to School Organizational Structure. The learning model used in MIN 3<br>Jombang is Child Friendly Teaching Model (CFTM) which is based on the 3P concept namely<br>Provision, Protection, and Participation. The supporting factors are human resources,<br>infrastructure facilities, and financial resources that support the implementation of Child<br>Friendly School Programs and the inhibiting factor is the environmental conditions of the<br>community, especially food sellers outside the school who sell food and beverages that do not<br>meet hygiene standards. and health for children.</p> <p>Keywords: Program implementation, Child Friendly Schools (SRA), child abuse</p> Ali Mahsun, Suwandi Copyright (c) Tue, 09 Apr 2019 00:00:00 +0000 URGENSI FULL DAY SCHOOL DALAM MENINGKATKAN KOMPETENSI SIKAP SPIRITUAL DAN SOSIAL SISWA DI SMP UNGGULAN NU MOJOAGUNG JOMBANG <p>Abstract: This article discusses the urgency of full day school in improving<br>spiritual competence and social students in SMP Unggulan NU Mojoagung<br>Jombang. Using a qualitative approach with interviews, observation, and<br>documentation as a data collection technique, the author uses the Miles and<br>Hubberman models, data reduction, data viewing, and verification / conclusion<br>drawing. The results of the study (1) the competency of the spiritual and social<br>attitudes of SMP Unggulan NU Mojoagung Jombang. School students showed an<br>increase with the implementation of full day school education. Spiritual attitudes<br>related to faith and piety, and morality, independence, democracy, and<br>responsibility to become accustomed. Also a sense of responsibility in fulfilling<br>the obligations of religion. Students carry out worship without being ordered.<br>Students act politely when interacting with the community around their<br>environment, even though everything is inseparable from the support of parents<br>but the habituation done at school is very positive.</p> <p>Keywords: Social and spiritual competence, habituation</p> Idatul Masfufah, Solihul Anshori Copyright (c) Tue, 09 Apr 2019 00:00:00 +0000 PERAN GURU PAI DALAM MENINGKATKAN KUALITAS BERAGAMA SISWA DI SMK NURUL HIDAYAH AL FALAH PUNGGING MOJOKERTO <p>Abstract: This article describes the role of PAI teachers in improving the religious quality of<br>students at SMK Nurul Hidayah Al Falah Pungging Village, Mojokerto Regency. With a<br>qualitative descriptive approach, the data collection techniques use observation, interviews, and<br>documentation, the researcher analyzed by the Miles and Hubberman analysis techniques, data<br>reduction, data display, and conclusion, the research gave results that the quality of religious<br>students, can be seen from everyday morals, both in terms of speech, behavior, and character<br>towards teachers and friends. Honesty which is the principle of faithful people reflected in<br>everyday school life. Through habituation activities, the role of PAI teachers is to oversee the<br>program and make these activities a good habit which includes scheduled/routine, spontaneous,<br>and caring activities. The role of PAI teachers in habituation activities can be seen from the results<br>of students' behavior and responses to programs/activities related to improving the religious<br>quality of students from time to time. SMK Nurul Hidayah Al Falah Pungging has adequate<br>facilities and infrastructure to support the program, but external factors often become obstacles,<br>especially the freedom of students to access the internet, especially outside school hours. PAI<br>teachers make an effort, one of them is to approach emotionally, habituate in religious activities<br>and become a good example for students in the SMK Nurul Hidayah Al Falah Pungging, until the<br>efforts made are in accordance with what is expected</p> <p>Keywords: PAI Teacher's role, habituation, religious quality</p> Imam Muslih Copyright (c) Tue, 09 Apr 2019 00:00:00 +0000 MODEL MANAJEMEN PEMBIAYAAN PENDIDIKAN BERBASIS MASYARAKAT DALAM RANGKA PENGEMBANGAN MADRASAH BERMUTU DI MTs AL HIKMATURROHMANIYAH SUKOREJO PASURUAN <p>Abstract: The article discusses the financing management model at MTs AlHikmaturrohmaniyah<br>Sukorejo<br>Pasuruan.<br>A<br>qualitative<br>approach<br>with<br>descriptive<br>analysis</p> <p>was<br>used<br>in<br>this<br>study.<br>The<br>technique<br>of<br>collecting<br>data<br>is<br>by<br>interview,<br>observation,<br>and</p> <p>documentation.</p> <p>The author uses the Miles and Hubberman models, data reduction, data<br>display, and verification / conclusion in analyzing data. The results of the study show: first,<br>the financing management model at MTs Al-Hikmaturrohmaniyah Sukorejo Pasuruan has<br>been systematically following the management process, namely by implementing three<br>important paths in which includes planning income and expenditure budgets, overseeing<br>education financing that departs from the planned needs of both madrasah and the<br>provisions of the local ministry of religion, the use of education funding is with certain<br>considerations and priorities in previous planning, and supervision of education funding as<br>a control and evaluation for future improvements. Second, the application of the financing<br>management model at MTs Al Hikmarurrohmaniyah Sukorejo Pasuruan is in accordance<br>with the principles of quality development in the financing sector with procedures for<br>planning, budgeting, supervision, and reporting. This is in accordance with the concept of<br>quality management that the development of quality is all forms of development activities<br>that must go through the process of planning, implementation, and reporting.</p> <p>Keywords: Financing Management, Quality, Budget</p> Suadi Copyright (c) Tue, 09 Apr 2019 00:00:00 +0000