ANALISIS HUKUM ISLAM TENTANG ISTIH{A<D}AH (Studi Kasus Di Desa Pagerwojo Kecamatan Perak Kabupaten Jombang)

  • Maulidin Syafi’i


There are three types of blood coming out of women, namely menstruation, childbirth (nifas) and istihadhah. Postpartum blood identity clearly seen from the condition and when it was out. Istihadhah blood and menstruation are different. Discharge of blood is closely related to one's worship sessions. Therefore, understanding to the main characteristics of the two types of consequences it attitude. In this study focused on how the attitudes of women in rural districts Pagerwojo Perak Jombang. The results showed that the absence of the ability to sort the quality of al-dam al-qawiy and al-dam al-dhaif to determine the legal status of blood. Especially for women who are first-time bleeding (al-mubtadiah) or women who have had a habit of the menstrual cycle (al-mu'ta>dah).
Keyword: istih}a>d}ah, menstruation, worship sessions